Flåm is a small village located at the end of a deep and narrow fjord, in she shadows of majestic mountains in the western part of Norway. It is also the end stop of one of the steepest standard gauge railway lines in the world, a major cruise port and close to the UNESCO World Heritage site Nærøyfjorden.


If you are visiting Flåm with a Cruise Ship this year, make sure to have the full overview of what to do here. In addition to the amazing nature and scenery, there are so many exciting activities to help you experience this beautiful part of Norway. has all you need to get an overview and how to get the most out of your time here.


This site is linked up to our wide range of videos from Flåm and the surrounding area, filled with tips and recommendations.


A you can see from the menu above, we have divided the videos into general video Tips where we present the Flåm area and some top lists - 17 things to do for Cruise tourists and our general Top 10 things to do in Flåm.


In the next section on the menu are our more thorough presentation of great Activities and Attractions here. Among these the magnificent Flåm Railway, Stegastein Viewpoint in Aurland, a run in Northern Europe's longest Zipline, an amazing bike ride through the Flåm Valley and much more.


In the last section we recommend places to Eat, Shop and Stay (if you want to stay longer or want to come back). This is a great opportunity to test out local traditional food or to test out some great pastries from the local bakery which also supply the nearby hotels with all their breads and pastries.


We hope you find these web pages and all our videos useful when planning your trip to Flåm. Have in mind that the cruise ships' own excursions are very expensive and that you might cut a better deal by arrange it on your own. The tourist information is right in the center of Flåm and can help you out

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